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5 Smart Ways on How to Store Your Rare Pokemon Cards

Collecting Pokemon cards is a fun hobby that started way back in 1999. It is a game that has hooked billions of people around the world. Pokemon cards are one of the most popular collectible items in the world. Some card collectors know how to store their precious cards and others don’t. You can find a lot of useful information on how to store your rare Pokemon cards in order to keep them in the best shape. 

If you are a Pokemon card collector, you know that you should also keep your rare Pokemon cards from being damaged and from getting lost. Your collection placed in proper storage is a must. Many Pokemon collectors have their collections stored in binders and boxes.

The Japanese have come up with a nifty storage solution for their Pokemon cards.

If you are a collector of both vintage and modern Pokemon cards, here are some smart solutions for you to store both without the fear of scratching your classic cards. 


One of the most popular methods of storing Pokemon cards is through toploaders.

These are small card boxes that have a clear plastic front that allows you to see every card in the box. Each of the cards is held in a hard plastic case that sits inside the toploader. This is a great way to protect your cards from getting damaged or dirty.

The toploaders are sold in retail stores in packs of 10 and are available in different sizes too. The 9 card size is the most common and is the smallest. Those with a bigger collection of cards should opt for the 18 card size.

Toploaders are also inexpensive and can be easily purchased from stores such as Amazon.

Penny Sleeves

The most affordable sleeves to keep your Pokemon cards in shape are the penny sleeves or penny cards. These are available in most card shops and are a great way to protect your Pokemon cards.

If you have a large collection of Pokemon cards, penny cards might not be the best option for you. You should then use card protectors that are a bit more expensive and can accommodate more cards.

For these, you should place your cards in sleeves and then into the card protectors.

A good thing about using sleeves and card protectors is that you can reuse them for future Pokemon cards.

Shipping Cards

Shipping cards can be expensive depending on the distance and the size of the cards. You can either go for the cheapest option which is to use padded envelopes or bubble mailers or you can spend on a more durable and protective option like cardboard mailer tubes.

Most sellers on online stores are aware of the postal service requirement that all mailing envelopes whether they are padded or not should not have holes or tears in them. Make sure that you do not buy the ones that have holes or tears.

If you will be sending in your cards often, you can buy card boxes that are specifically made to ship cards.

Graded Cards

Collecting Pokemon cards and being able to collect graded cards is a real rarity. You have to be very lucky in order to have a graded Pokemon card.

A graded Pokemon card is one of the rarest cards in the world and is also very expensive. As a collector, it is your responsibility to keep your graded cards in tip-top condition. You have to use the right materials and find a way to store them properly.

The best way to ensure that your graded card is in the best shape is to find a good long-term storage solution.


A tag can be placed on each of your cards. This will have the information regarding the card and the card number. The information will be helpful when it comes to looking for the card in the long run.

Cards that have been graded will have a tag on them so that you will know what grade the cards are. The card number that you can see on the tag is the number that you will also see on your graded card. The grading of your card will never be lost.


Collectors should always follow proper card storage tips in order to keep their card collection in the best condition. However, some collectors find it hard to pick a storage solution since there are so many to choose from. We hope this guide will help you decide. 

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