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The 90s Pokemon Cards: Are They Still Worth Something Today?

Pokemon trading cards have been in existence for a while. In fact, they have been a thing since the 1990s. But do these vintage Pokemon cards have any value? How much would you get for a collection of Pokemon cards from the year 1999?

You probably will be generating a lot of money if you have specific cards or first-edition cards (apart from Machamp). The First Edition Charizard shadowless grade 10 card is the most expensive Pokemon card to date. $420,000 was paid for this. This card's non-first edition was auctioned for $80,000.

Let's delve a little deeper into this for you. In this manner, you are fully aware of what to anticipate from your card (if you have any).

Are the Cards from the 90s Valuable?

The first English-language release of Pokemon cards happened in 1998.

While some First Edition cards may be valuable, the majority of cards are probably worthless. Cards from 1999 are probably not going to be worth all that much, although you might be able to get a little more money for a decently-preserved holo or rare, as well as significant sums of money for a Charizard.

You must keep in mind that Pokemon cards were selling in record-breaking quantities as 1999 got underway. A craze had begun. Countless cards were present. It was the peak of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, despite the fact that not everyone kept their collection. These days, it isn't that difficult to locate specific cards if a collector is really motivated to look for them.

How Much Is a 1999 Pokemon Card Worth?

Energy cards can cost as little as a few cents, while the majority of holo cards can cost between $10 and $100. Trainer cards, the majority of fundamental commons, uncommons, and the less sought-after rares all fall into the lower price range (perhaps $1 per card, depending on which card you have).

First Edition cards may increase the cost of the card by $10 to $15. Keep in mind, though, that Machamp is an exception. A card called Machamp was only ever released in a First Edition.

It only showed up in the Starter Sets and was never found in booster packs. Having said that, there aren't many high-quality Machamp cards available at the moment; thus, a single card may cost between $20 and $30, depending on its condition.

A few cards have sold for far over $100,000. I only have one card, really. A Charizard First Edition rated ten sold for an astounding $420,000! Charizard cards that are not the first edition are likely to cost $100 or more ungraded.

Remember that the market for Pokemon cards from the 1990s is always shifting, so always verify the price using a number of prices chequers before making a purchase.

What Are the Most Valuable Pokemon Cards from 1999?

The Japanese cards will be set aside in this section. Additionally, we will place cards that were only ever created in small quantities to one side, like the demo cards used for the presentation of Wizards to the Pokemon Company. Over $5 million was paid for one of the Japanese playing cards (Pikachu Illustrator).

The First Edition Charizard shadowless grade 10 card is the most expensive Pokemon card to date. $420,000 was paid for this. This card's non-first edition was auctioned for $80,000.

Aside from first edition cards (including the Charizard), the majority of 1999 trading cards have a price range between a few cents to $100. Particularly the other two final evolutions of the starter Pokemon Holos will be worth a lot more (Blastoise and Venusaur).

Back in 1999, everyone coveted common cards. Pikachu is not in any way valuable. Similar rules apply to starting Pokémon like Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. You may purchase all three of those items for less than a few dollars.


The 90s Pokemon cards are still worth something today. While the market value for some of these cards may have decreased over time, they are still worth keeping in a collector's stash.

Some of the most valuable cards from the 90s are holographic cards, which can sell for a good price. If you have any old Pokemon cards lying around, it might be worth taking them out of your closet and seeing how much they're worth today.

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