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5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Pokémon Card Collector

If you love TCG, you would know that collecting Pokémon cards are a fun and exciting hobby. But it's not just about finding and pulling rare cards; you also need the right items to store, protect, and display your collection correctly. Whether a beginner or a pro, having the right accessories is essential to keep your Pokemon TCG collection organised, safe, and neat. We highly recommend these five for you:

1. Binders

A binder is a folder-like container that holds sheets of card pockets, allowing a collector to store their collection in an orderly and secure manner. Not only do binders keep your Pokémon cards safe, but they also make it easy to display a collection in an aesthetically pleasing way. Binders come in a variety of sizes, making them great for card game collectors of any kind. Many also binders feature Pokémon artwork, allowing collectors to showcase their love for the series.

2. Card Sleeves

Sleeves are an essential part of playing any card game. They are small protective covers that help to keep the cards in good condition, preventing them from becoming damaged or worn out. There are also various sizes and styles available so that you can customise the look of your cards. Most importantly, the sleeves are durable and don't easily break, which adds an extra layer of protection for your Pokémon cards. Custom-made sleeves even allow players to have 3D pictures on the back, giving the cards more personality!

3. Deck Boxes

For any TCG enthusiast, having a proper storage solution is essential. Deck boxes are an ideal way to store your Pokémon cards. These boxes come in different materials, including plastic, paper, or even lockers. Their secure lids also make them great for keeping your cards clean and dust-free. Additionally, deck boxes are the perfect way to transport your cards when you're on the go, as they provide a secure and convenient way to keep your card collection intact.

4. Playmats

Playmats offer a great way to protect your Pokémon cards and pieces while providing a comfortable and secure surface to play on. Having one doesn't just make your game look more professional and helps establish the mood and atmosphere of any card game battle. They are usually lightweight and made of durable materials, such as rubber or neoprene, and come in numerous designs and sizes. Additionally, playmats keep your cards and pieces safe from dirt and damage while providing a stable surface for them to move around.

5. Lockers

Locker boxes are the most costly option but also the most secure. They provide ample space to store your cards and any dice you might have, and you can customise them to your needs. With multiple compartments and a premium build, you can keep different cards for different uses all in one safe place. Investing in a locker box guarantees that your cards will remain safe and undamaged when you bring them to their destination.

The Bottomline 

Having the right accessories for your Pokémon card collection can make a huge difference. From binders and folders to protective sleeves and top loaders, these car storage options can help keep your cards in mint condition and make them easier to access and display. 

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