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What to Look for When Assessing the Value of Your Pokemon Cards

There’s a sudden boom in Pokemon cards that is hard to avoid these days. This has led to high prices and major news sites covering it globally. Therefore, those Pokemon cards that have gathered dust in your basement may be worth more than you think. 

Now is the best time to consider selling your Pokemon cards. Before you do, you need to assess their condition first to know their value. How?


Examine your Pokemon card for scratches. This may affect the price of your card, especially if it’s an old one. Scratches can be found on the corners, edges, and back of your card. Make sure there are no scratches on the front of your card.

Edgewear or Whitening

Edgewear is the whitening of the edges of your Pokemon card. It is a result of age and exposure to heat. Usually, it can be found on the corners and the edges of your cards. But if there’s too much edgewear, then your card might lose its value.

Border Alignment

Check to see if there are misalignment issues with the border of your Pokemon card. This can be found on the corners and the edges of your card. If the border has misalignment issues, then this is one of the few qualities that can affect its value.


Swatch is the discolouration of the artwork on your card. This usually happens after years of exposure to sun and heat. The most affected area is the artwork. If your Pokemon card has a swatch, then you might want to consider cleaning it up or selling it for a lower price.

Peeling or Chips

A peeled sticker or a chip are both considered to be imperfections on your Pokemon card. Peeled stickers can be found on the corners of your Pokemon card. Chips can be found on the corners and edges of your card. These imperfections can affect your card’s value, depending on its size.


A bend on your card can affect its condition and price. If the bend is located near the artwork or at the edges, then this is not that big of a deal. But if the bend is towards the edges, then this can affect its condition.

Small Inner Offsets

This is only applicable to Pokemon cards that have a holofoil finish. Small inner offsets on your card can affect the price of your card. If the offset is big or it looks like it’s peeling, this can affect your card's price.

Water Damage

If your Pokemon card has water damage, you might consider getting it professionally graded. Water damage can affect the value of your card.

The Bottomline

Pokemon cards may be a simple collectable for you, but for others, it means more than what meets the eye. Although you may have forgotten about your decks, people are waiting to shell out a few bucks for your cards. After all, they were once popular back in the day, too. Essentially, your Pokemon cards may be worth something, so it wouldn’t hurt to try and sell them.

From the above list, you can tell that those who sell Pokemon cards want to get their cards graded first. Grading your cards can help you determine their value. But if you don’t want to invest in grading, here are some tips to help you assess your cards’ condition.

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