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TCG Spotlight: The Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Card Values

Pokémon is a media franchise that started in 1996 with the release of the first generation of Red and Blue games. Since then, the franchise has evolved from video games to one that includes a long-running anime series, films, manga, and a trading card game (TCG). Among the many parts of the franchise, the TCG is arguably the most recognisable because it started around the same time as the games. 

Pokémon cards are notable for their lively colours and various designs. For this reason, Pokémon cards fetch a high value, especially those that have been around since the TCG started and were preserved in excellent condition. Many people invest in Pokémon cards, which is also tricky because one must first understand their value and how prices are determined. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the basics, so we'll discuss the details in this article.

Factors That Determine Pokémon Card Value

Certain factors can help determine a Pokémon card's value. These include: 

Card Set

The set a Pokémon card belongs to is one of the most critical factors in determining its value. The set can be a booster box, a starter box, or a special release set. The thing to remember here is that cards printed in special release sets are usually worth more than those printed in booster boxes. 


Pokémon cards come in different rarities, which can help determine value. The rarities are common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare. Common cards are printed in the highest quantity and are usually worth the least. Conversely, ultra-rare cards are printed in the lowest amount and are generally worth the most. 

Card Condition

Card condition is another essential factor in determining a card’s value. A card in mint condition is worth more than a card in poor condition. A mint condition card will have no creases, folds, or bends. It should also be free of stains or discolouration. 

The Pokémon Itself

Perhaps the most critical factor determining a Pokémon card's value is the Pokémon on it. Some Pokémon are more popular than others, so cards that feature them are worth more. For example, cards featuring Charizard, Pikachu, or Mewtwo are worth more than cards featuring Pokémon that are less popular. 

Questions to Ask Yourself When Selling Pokémon Cards

Now that you know the factors that determine a Pokémon card's value, here are some questions to ask yourself if you're planning to sell yours: 

Are Your Cards in English or Another Language?

Pokémon cards in English are worth more than cards in another language. If you have cards in another language, you can find a market for them because there are region-specific cards that fetch more than most. 

Do You Own Any 1st Edition Cards?

1st edition cards are worth more than other cards. They are distinguished by the copyright symbol in the lower right corner of the card. If you have a 1st edition card, you can sell it for a higher price. 

Do You Have Holographic Cards?

The holographic foil distinguishes holographic cards on the card. They are usually more valuable than non-holographic cards for their designs. 

Do You Have a Completed Set?

A complete Pokémon card set fetches a high price because it includes all the cards in a given set, which can be challenging to find. 

Is Sentimental Value Worth Sacrificing for Money?

Some people are willing to sacrifice their cards for a higher price, but others may not be so willing. It ultimately comes down to how much the sentimental value of the cards means to you, especially if you've owned a card since you were a child. 

Getting Your Cards Graded

Grading cards is a process of sending your cards to a company that will professionally evaluate the condition of your cards and give them a score. This score is then used to determine the value of your cards. Grading can be expensive, but getting the most money for your cards is worth it. 

It would be best if you got your Pokémon cards graded because it adds value. Through professional evaluation, you can get a better idea of how much your cards are worth and find the right buyer. Beyond that, grading also provides better protection because the cards are placed in a protective sleeve and hard case to keep your cards pristine and make them less likely to get damaged.


Pokémon cards are fun to collect, but you can also earn high from them. However, it would be best if you first understood the value of your cards and what goes into pricing them. When you do, you can sell your cards for the highest price and earn a profit.

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