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Classic Pokemon Cards: How Much Are They Worth Now?

Every Pokemon enthusiast sees their card collection as one of their most prized possessions. These cards are well-loved, and, to put it simply, collectors just wanted to catch them all.

Though Pokemon cards were seen as a child’s currency many years ago, do they hold value today? People once traded them for other cards and toys. But do they have monetary value?

Keep reading if you want to know what your Pokemon cards are worth today.


1. First Edition Pokemon Cards

First edition Pokemon cards are supplies that only the most dedicated fans would be able to find. Many of these cards were thrown away and destroyed because they were considered valueless. Nowadays, a first edition Pokemon card is worth a lot more than some people might think.

A first edition holographic Bulbasaur is valued at about $20,000.

But what about cards that aren’t as iconic? Pokemon cards that don’t have holographic inserts are worth about $300 if in mint condition.

Here's some bad news: if you collected for fun and played hard with your cards, you might only sell them for a couple of bucks.


2. Shadowless Pokemon Cards

These cards are known as shadowless Pokemon cards because they don’t have the shadow around the Pokemon’s image, unlike first edition cards.

Shadowless Pokemon cards were only made for a short time. The manufacturer later recalled them because some were worried that the shadowless cards could be easily counterfeited.

If you have a shadowless Pokemon card, you’re in luck. They’re valued relatively high that you can even pay your rent with them!


3. Coveted Holofoils

A holofoil is a vivid image on the card that is holographic, shiny and reflective. Since they were first released, they have been a famous Pokemon collector’s item.

Holofoils are highly sought after because they are rare and can cost hundreds of dollars. For instance, the Base Set Charizard can be sold for about $140 to $430, depending on the card's condition.


4. Promotional Cards

Promotional cards were given away to visitors to events and were rarely sold in stores. The Black Star promo cards are the most valuable promo card, but they don’t really sell for much. Expect to receive less than $41 (AUD) for it. 


Are Pokemon Cards Worth Keeping?

If you have kept your Pokemon cards for a long time, chances are, you have a collection of them. It's nice to look at your old collection every now and then and remember your childhood.

However, are they worth keeping?

Some people say Pokemon cards are worth keeping. They can be considered a valuable asset, especially if they're rare or have some special value to you.

Others say it depends on the condition of the card. If it's unused and in mint condition, it might be worth a lot of money. But if it's been played with since you were a kid, it might not be worth anything.


Final Thoughts

Now you know how much your Pokemon cards are worth. If you keep your cards in mint condition, they may be worth a lot of money. But if you played with your cards, they might only be worth a couple of bucks.

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