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Is Collecting Pokémon Cards Still Worth the Investment?

People born in the 90's definitely witnessed the meteoric rise of the Pokemon franchise. One of the ways that the franchise found new success was through the release of the Pokémon cards. The cards are based on the characters from the TV show, and they can be collected and traded. Although everyone knows about the collectible cards, what is their value now?

The Early Days

When the Pokémon card phenomenon took off in the late 90s, these little cards quickly became collectible. One of the most popular and valuable Pokemon cards are the "Base Set" cards. These cards are so valuable because they were the first ever released edition. The first deck was released in October 1996. The cards have a starburst in the top right corner, and the card number is at the bottom. These cards were the first released, and they set the standard for the cards that would be released in the future. The cards were sold in 10-card booster packs and 20-card starter decks.

One of the first sets of cards was the "First Edition" cards. These cards were only sold in the USA and they, too, were very valuable. They are blue-bordered and they also have a starburst. These were released in October and November of 1996.

The cards that were released in January 1997 were the "Jungle" set and were made available in 15-card booster packs. The next set of cards was the "Fossil" set which was released in March. These were sold in 15-card booster packs. The next set of cards was the "Team Rocket" set, which was released in April of 1997.

These are the rarest cards of the whole set, and they are also the most valuable. The cards in this set are red and black. These were sold in 15-card booster packs. The next set of cards was the "Gym" set, and these were also released in April of 1997. These cards were sold in 15-card booster packs.

Since then, the Pokémon cards have continued to be released in new editions. These cards are sold in single cards and in themed packs. Although these cards may not receive the same level of interest as the original cards, they can still be valuable. They are also collectible and considered memorabilia from the 1990s.

Is It Still Worth the Investment?

People have collected Pokémon cards for years now. Although the cards may not be as popular as they once were, you can still make a profit if you collect them. If you do want to invest in collectible cards, make sure that you do your research. Find out how much they are worth, what type of condition they are in and how to spot the rarest cards.

These days, there are websites online that can help you determine what a card is worth. You can also go to a local card shop and have the card evaluated by a card expert there. This will help you determine what it is worth.

Pokémon cards can be good investments if you know what you're investing in. If you know what you're doing, you can even invest in a rare card and make a great profit from it.


Although the Pokémon cards may not be as popular as they once were, they are still a part of pop culture now. The cards from the original sets are extremely valuable and can make you a decent profit. You can also invest in the newer cards and make a buck or two if you know what you're doing.

Just be sure to do your own research so that you will know the true value of the cards you are holding right now. Set a good price, buy or trade a set, and keep the tradition of Pokémon cards alive!

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