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5 Best Practices for Keeping Trading Cards in Good Condition

People collect many things—from action figures to trading cards; there is always something to collect in every generation. However, every generation struggles to maintain its collectibles and keep them in mint condition. 

For example, people might need help finding the most optimal location to store their collectibles in trading cards. But in dealing with actual collectibles like trading cards, what are the best practices for keeping them in good condition? Here are some ideas.

1. Store in Binders

Collecting trading cards is a fun and rewarding hobby, but keeping them organized and safe can also become quite a challenge. That’s where trading card binders come in—they are an ideal way to store trading cards, maintaining their quality intact.

One of the most popular ways to store trading cards is in binders. Binders are a great way to keep your cards organized and safe from dirt, dust, and other debris. Invest in a few different binders with different sizes and types of pockets to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of cards.

2. Use Boxes

Another great way to store trading cards is in boxes. There are a variety of containers available for trading cards, from cardboard boxes to plastic boxes with dividers. The great thing about using boxes is that you can easily store large amounts of cards and keep them organized.

When using boxes, make sure to use dividers to separate different types of cards, as it will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and keep your cards in good condition. It helps to organize the cards according to a category to make it easier to locate each card later.

3. Keep Them Away From the Sun

Collectors should always keep trading cards away from direct sunlight when storing them. Sunlight can cause the cards to fade over time and can also cause them to become damaged. Remember to hold cards in a cool, dry place to keep their quality in mint condition.

In addition to storing your cards correctly, taking care of them when handling them is essential. Be sure to use clean hands when handling your cards and avoid touching the card's surface as much as possible, as it will help prevent dust and dirt from getting on the card.

4. Never Leave Cards on the Floor

It's never a good idea to leave your cards on the floor, as they can quickly become damaged. Whether storing them in a box or displaying them in a binder, ensure they are kept off the ground. Instead, hold the cards on shelves or keep them anywhere else more secure.

It's also important to remember to keep trading cards away from water and other liquids, as this can cause permanent damage. Moisture can also cause the cards to become breeding grounds for mould and mildew, causing more damage to the cards.

5. Avoid Attics or Basements

When storing your trading cards, avoid putting them in an attic or basement. These areas can often have high levels of humidity and heat, which can damage the cards. They are also prone to pests, such as mice and insects, which can cause damage. Instead, store your cards in a climate-controlled room, such as a bedroom or office, ensuring they are kept in the best possible condition.


Storing your trading cards correctly is essential to keep them in the best condition possible. Not only will this help to extend the life of the cards, but it can also help to increase their value. Whether you’re a collector or a trader, taking the time to store your cards properly can add years to their life, as well as help to maintain or even increase their value.

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