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Preserve Pokemon Cards in Australia by Applying These Tips

Looking for ways to preserve your precious Pokemon cards for future games or trades that’ll give you extra cash? Just apply these tips as you catch ‘em all!

For Individual Cards

Some people store their cards in a way where they can see them all at once, in their full glory. There are products out in the market designed for this purpose.

  • Penny sleeves or slips: To keep your cards in the best condition, take them out of the box and avoid letting them come into contact with air. This will reduce the humidity they are exposed to and help maintain their structure. Cards can get mouldy, and your Pokemon monsters won’t appreciate that.

    A sleeve is a thin piece of plastic that goes over the front of a card to protect it. A slip is a thin piece of cardboard that goes under the sleeve and provides support. Some people are willing to spend more money on card sleeves designed with a Pokemon theme. These sleeves are custom-made to fit cards perfectly.
  • Top loaders: If you're looking to keep your Pokemon cards in pristine condition or want to get them graded by a professional company, it's best to put them in top loaders. These clear, plastic sleeves will protect your cards from damage and keep them looking sharp. 

    Many grading companies require cards to be enclosed in top loaders before they grade them, so it's worth getting some, even if you don't plan on grading your cards yourself.
  • Binders: There are many ways to store and organise your Pokemon cards, but one way to work well is using a binder. They store and display your collection of cards. By using binders, you can save time since you can view nine cards simultaneously. A single sleeve per card is advisable before placing them in the binder.

For Deck Cards

Some people like to store their Pokemon cards in a binder. This is a good way to see the cards laid out individually. Another way to store cards is in a deck box. This keeps the cards together in a neat and organised way. Penny sleeves are also useful when storing cards together in a deck since they are very thin and help to protect the cards.

However, for more en masse storing capabilities, collectors can opt for the following:

  • Tin cans: Most Pokemon decks come in durable tins that fit your deck well. You don't need to worry about bending the cards if you don't overcrowd the tin by adding other cards. However, since tins are made of aluminium, you should be careful in storing them somewhere that is not humid, or else they might develop rust.
  • Boxes: When it comes to storing decks of Pokemon cards, you have a few options. You can either keep them in their original packaging, invest in a deck box, or wrap them in plastic. If you're worried about moisture damaging your cards, we recommend wrapping them in plastic or keeping them in a deck box, so they’re all together.

Safely Store Them with the above Tips

Whether they’re individually kept or decked out with others, remember these tips that keep your Pokemon cards in pristine condition for the next game or trade for extra cash in your wallet!

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