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How to Preserve Your Pokémon Cards to Maintain Their Grade

Since its inception in 1996, Pokémon has evolved from video games to a media franchise consisting of animated series, movies, and various merchandise. Among the many kinds of merchandise released by The Pokémon Company over the years, the trading card game (TCG) is the most memorable because it was the first-ever released outside of video games.

The Pokémon TCG was released alongside the first video games, the Red and Blue versions. The first edition of Pokémon cards, the Base Set, contained many fan favourites, such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Mewtwo. Naturally, these cards have appreciated over time, and some cost well over $500. For this reason, Pokémon TCG collectors are encouraged to take care of their cards, even the new ones. While it's seemingly straightforward, it's easier said than done. Because of this, we'll discuss easy yet effective ways to protect Pokémon cards.

For Individual Cards

To protect individual Pokémon cards, here are some methods to consider:

Top Loaders

Top loaders are plastic cases designed to hold a single card. They're made of hard plastic and come in various sizes, so you may need to purchase multiple top loaders to keep all your Pokémon cards. Beyond that, top loaders are also ideal because they protect cards from all sides, preventing them from being bent or damaged.

Penny Sleeves

Penny sleeves are made of thin, cardboard-like sheets. They typically cost 10 cents to 15 cents a piece in hobby shops and are designed to protect cards from scratches and dents.


A binder is an effective way to protect your Pokémon cards because they're usually made from hard plastic, although they're somewhat pricey. They typically come in varying sizes, so you'll need to consider what size works for you.

For Decks

For whole decks, you also have different options to protect them, such as:

Tin Cases

Tin cases are ideal because they're made of metal and have an air-tight seal, making them ideal for preserving the cards and protecting them from the elements. The good news is that this isn't a problem because most Pokémon TCG decks come in tins, though you might need to get another one if you want to protect more cards.


Boxes are another great option to protect Pokémon TCG decks. Boxes are designed to hold or store Pokémon cards. They're typically made of cardboard and come in varying sizes.

Ideally, you should use a box that's a bit bigger than your deck to store more Pokémon cards in it. As you expand your collection, you may need a bigger box.

Getting Your Pokémon Cards Graded

Grading your Pokémon cards is necessary because if you're purchasing them for investment purposes, you'll want to ensure that your cards are in the best possible condition. Grading also helps you to identify any imperfections you might have overlooked. With a glance at your cards from different angles and lighting, you can get a general idea of the condition. However, it's essential to do a close-up inspection for more accurate grading results.

Consider Getting Insurance

While it may seem silly, getting insurance for your Pokémon cards is an excellent idea because it will help protect your investment. It's not the cheapest option, but it's the most effective. After all, the point of collecting Pokémon cards is to cherish the experience and the value of the cards.

Some insurance companies focus on sports memorabilia, while others on collectables. One must be familiar with each company's terms, as they vary from one company to another. For example, some companies may only cover the most expensive cards in your collection, while others may cover the entire collection. Other times, companies will refuse to pay for cards that have faded colours and damage the card borders. You should shop around to ensure that your provider can cover your needs.


Protecting your Pokémon cards is vital because you want to ensure that your investment will last for a long time. There are many ways to protect your cards, from storage to grading and insurance. Above all else, however, you should protect them the moment you get them because of the possibility that you can have a rare card after years have passed.

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