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4 Rarest and Most Valuable Mewtwo Pokemon Card

As any avid Pokemon fan knows, Mewtwo is one of the most popular and iconic creatures in the franchise. So it's no surprise that there are a ton of great Mewtwo cards out there for collectors to get their hands on.

But which Mewtwo cards are the rarest and most valuable? That's what we're here to find out!

We've compiled a list of the ten most valuable Mewtwo cards, sorted by value. So whether you're looking to add to your own collection or just want to see what the most sought-after Mewtwo cards are, you'll find them all here!

Mewtwo EX - Ruby & Sapphire

For collectors, this Mewtwo EX card is quite a rare and attractive sight. It may not be the most powerful EX card, and it's a bit older than most cards on this list, but you have to admit that those holographic sparkles make up for it. It's the perfect centrepiece for any collector who wants to show off their Pokemon cards to fellow collectors and fans of the franchise. Since this particular card is quite an old one, its value has increased significantly over the years.

Rocket's Mewtwo - Pokemon Best of Promos Reverse Holo

This one is a particularly iconic piece made by Wizards of the Coast and was released in 2000 as part of the Gym Challenge. The card was eventually reprinted as a reverse holofoil "Best of Promos" card. What made it gain rarity and value is because of the gold "Winner" stamp imprinted on the cards, which was distributed and released to tournament participants during the BattleZone tournaments. As far as Pokemon-graded cards are concerned, this is an excellent find for any collectors out there.

Shining Mewtwo - Neo Destiny

If you've been collecting Pokemon cards for quite some time, then you've probably heard of the Neo series of cards that featured Generation II Pokemon back in the day. One of the most coveted pieces in the Neo series is a Shining Mewtwo, which is a Secret Rare that came in Neo Destiny. This Mewtwo looked quite a bit different from past iterations of Mewtwo due to the fact that it depicted the Pokemon in a glowing blue form with quite an ominous silhouette. This look alone makes the Shining Mewtwo a remarkable, although quite intimidating, addition to any collection.

Shadowless Mewtwo - Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Holo

Of course, what could be rarer than a Mewtwo holo that came from the 1st Edition Base Set that came out way back in 1999? This 20-year-old Shadowless Mewtwo card is perhaps one of the most iconic and valuable cards in Pokemon TCG history. The Shadowless Mewtwo was designed by Ken Sugimori, the Pokemon franchise's chief artist at the time. He essentially designed the first 151 Pokemon in the franchise with Atsuko Nishida. Currently, there are about 69 PSA grade 10 copies of the Shadowless Mewtwo that are still in existence today, making it an incredibly rare card that is sure to fetch a good amount in the market.


If you're a fan of Mewtwo or Pokemon cards in general, then you'll be happy to know that there are quite a few Mewtwo cards out there that are worth a pretty penny. These are just a few of the rarest Mewtwo cards, and there are a couple more worth mentioning in another article. So, if you happen to have any of these cards in your collection, then you can consider yourself quite lucky.

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