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TCG Problems: Can You Still Sell Crimped Pokémon Cards?

Since its inception in 1996, Pokémon has grown from a video game series to an extensive media franchise, including spin-offs, merchandise, movies, and a long-running anime that has been airing since 1997. However, perhaps the best-known part of the Pokémon franchise is its trading card game (TCG), which was released in conjunction with the original games in 1996.

The Pokémon TCG is notable for featuring mesmerising artworks that showcase Pokèmon and other related aspects of the franchise in trading cards. Naturally, this led to a market for Pokémon cards because many enthusiasts were eager to trade and collect them. Unfortunately, because of their physical nature, Pokémon cards can become damaged—known as "crimped" in TCG slang. This raises the question of whether they still have their values because of the damage. Few people know how the Pokémon TCG market works, so we will discuss the details in this article.

What Are Crimped Cards?

Crimped is a term used in gambling to refer to a card slightly bent at a corner. This bending would make the card easily recognisable when playing a game of chance. In the context of Pokémon cards, crimping would generally not be used because it would damage the collectable card. However, some Pokémon cards may have slight imperfections due to errors during the printing process, which are called "error cards."

In this instance, a packaging mistake has caused a card to become dented. When someone opens a sealed deck, they may find that one or more cards are warped; however, this can still be good. If it was announced that this card was affected by the crimping, it might offer an extra bit of value to collectors interested in having cards with ties to production flaws or simply with printing heritage.

Simply put, when cards are being sealed, sometimes they get pushed up, causing them to become bent or folded due to the amount of pressure. This is where the crimp comes from.

So, Do Crimped Pokémon Cards Still Have Value?

The short answer is: yes, crimped Pokémon cards still have value. However, it goes a little deeper than that. A crimp is still a type of damage, and if you have a damaged card, you will have to find someone interested in collecting cards that have mistakes or have been damaged. These collectors are typically drawn to items with a unique story behind them and may be willing to pay a premium.

With this in mind, two factors determine a crimped Pokémon card's value. These include:

Verified Authenticity

To ensure the authenticity of your Pokémon card, you must first confirm that it is genuine. You can check for any reported mistakes or misprints on the card, which will be mentioned in news outlets or the Pokémon Training Club's newsletter. This will help to distinguish your card from any fake cards that may be out there.

A common trick on online marketplaces like eBay is for a seller to take an existing card and give it a slight bend, claiming it was part of the original production. This is done to make the card seem more valuable and rare, which may lead buyers to pay a higher price than it is worth. To avoid this scam, it is best to check for official confirmation that the crimped card was part of the original production run.


The type of crimp and the rarity of the card impact the price of the card. For example, unlimited Machamp is the most common type of crimp, while vertical crimps are the rarest. If a card is a vertical crimp, it is likely worth more than other types of crimps. However, to determine the exact price, you should look up information on the known 3 vertical crimps that have been printed.

When packs of cards with long stems are often opened, a few can be observed to be partially crimped. Uncommon cards are more likely to display this issue due to their scarcity. On the other hand, a crimped common card is even more difficult to find, as it would be expected to be in pristine condition.

If you have been selling cards online for a while and have a good reputation, you can make some extra money from selling cards with a crimp. However, your money may be small unless you find someone who wants to buy cards with a crimp, such as error card collectors.

Where to Buy and Sell Crimped Pokémon Cards

The best place to buy and sell crimped Pokémon cards is online. eBay and Amazon are two popular sites for buying and selling Pokémon cards. You can also find many other websites and forums dedicated to Pokémon card trading and collecting. However, you must always be truthful when selling because the market is competitive, and buyers can quickly disprove false claims. Conversely, you must expect how crimped cards look if you are the buyer.


Crimped Pokémon cards may not look in their best condition, but you can still get money from them. The market for crimped Pokémon cards is extensive, and it is only a matter of finding an interested buyer to sell them. This way, you can get money out of a card that you deem undesirable.

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