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5 Tear-Jerking Pokémon Reunions That Will Warm Your Heart

The journey of Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime series has come to an end, so he has been forced to say goodbye to many of his beloved friends. These characters have a tendency to return, giving Ash and his companions the opportunity to reunite after some time apart. Thanks to this, the reunions between Ash and his friends have been nothing short of special.

Fans of the Pokémon franchise enjoy seeing old friends of Ash, come back into his life. These joyful reunions remind us of the importance of the relationships he has and how much he values them. 

Let's take a fond look back into some of the most tear-jerking reunions our beloved Pokémon trainer has had.

1) Ash & Iris (Pokémon Master Journeys)

Iris and Ash have had a complicated relationship since they first met. Despite their disagreements, they come together in Episode 17 for a friendly Pokémon battle. Iris sends a request to Ash for the battle, and the two of them reconnect in a friendly way.

After their confrontation, Ash and Iris quickly resume their friendly banter. Despite the tension between them, they've both gained a profound appreciation for one another as trainers.

2) Ash & Misty's Reunion With Brock (Pokémon Ultimate Journeys)

Ash and Misty's reunion with Brock in Pokémon Ultimate Journeys was an emotional moment for many fans. After going through a tough time, Brock reconnects with Ash and Misty, who have been close friends since the beginning of the series. Emboldened by their presence, Brock decides to accompany them to the Galar region. 

In Episode 49, "Brock and Cilan and the Forest Witch!", the trio are reunited and their friendship is stronger than ever. They provide much needed emotional support to one another, and Brock is reminded that his bond with Ash and Misty gives him the strength to keep going.

3) Ash & Brock's Reunion With May (Pokémon Battle Dimension)

May reunites with Ash and Brock in a planned meeting in Sinnoh in Episode 24, "A Full Course Tag Battle!" This shows that the three of them have remained close despite the time apart. 

May and Ash join the two pieces of their Terracotta badge, symbolizing their strong bond of friendship and loyalty. The episode highlights the wholesome dynamic of this trio, and is well-beloved by the fans.

4) Ash & Brock (Pokémon Advanced)

Brock is an integral part of Ash's journey, having been by his side from the very beginning. In "You Never Can Taillow!", the two friends were reunited and Brock revealed that he had been searching for Ash. 

Ash was moved by the dedication of his friend, and their bond was further strengthened by the fact that Ash had been missing Brock prior to his arrival. From then on, Brock remained a steadfast companion throughout their Hoenn adventure, and their friendship has been unshakeable ever since.

5) Ash & Dawn (Pokémon Rival Destinies)

On the verge of seeing each other again, Dawn chooses to have a bit of fun with Ash instead of simply saying hello. Their meeting displays the close bond between them, as it is filled with lightheartedness and humor. 

Iris and Cilan also take joy in seeing someone who knows Ash well. Dawn and Ash's relationship is one of effortless understanding and this reunion further highlights that.


The journey of Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon series has come to an end, but he often reunites with old friends, reminding us of the importance of his relationships. Some of the most tear-jerking reunions show the power of friendship and how much Ash values his relationships, giving this show its heart.

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