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The 8 Most Valuable Common Pokémon Cards on the Market

In Pokémon trading cards, some of the most well-known ones are from the 'Base Set,' like the Shadowless Pikachu. These are considered very valuable and are ranked at the top of the list. However, some lesser-known cards with lower rarities can be just as valuable. These Pokémon cards may not be as popular, but they can still be valuable. Here are the eight most valuable common ones you’ll find:

Water Energy (from Call of Legends)

Beginning our list is something that may come as a surprise to some—a Water Energy card! This card is worth more than a standard energy card because it is from 2011's Call of Legends set. This set is distinct from other Pokémon sets as it is the sole main expansion of the Call of Legends series and doesn't have a Japanese equivalent. 

Furthermore, the eight Energy cards with the set are Mirror Reverse Foils, making them more valuable than the typical Energy cards!

Bill (Shadowless)

The omission of the drop shadow behind the artwork box of the Shadowless Base Set Trainer Bill card has unexpectedly elevated its collectability to a new level. This Supporter card was previously quite unassuming and has become one of the most sought-after Pokémon cards.

Caterpie (Shadowless)

Caterpie may not be the most recognisable Pokémon creature, but its presence on a Shadowless Base Set card has put it in the spotlight for collectors. This card is especially beloved by fans of the show, as it brings back fond memories of when Ash first encountered Caterpie in the wild and managed to capture it!

Pikachu (Skyridge)

Pikachu is certainly no stranger to being featured on a trading card, and this particular card from the 2003 Skyridge set is a standout. Collectors especially covet this card because it was released when Pokémon fandom was relatively low. As a result, the print run of these cards was much lower than other releases.

Darkness Energy (Call of Legends)

This is a collectible card from the Call of Legends set printed at a common rarity level. It features a beautiful design featuring a reverse foil of a Darkness Energy card. Despite being a common card, it is so attractive that collectors should not judge it on its rarity level but should be a prized part of any card collection.

Charmander (Shadowless)

Charmander is the first of the group of three Pokémon starters to make it onto our list. While Charizard's evolved form is vastly more renowned than the small creature, this Shadowless Base Set card is worth a great deal of money.

Squirtle (Shadowless)

Squirtle is one of the original three starter Pokémon and is special because it does not have a shadow on the artwork box it comes in.

Pikachu (Shadowless)

Pikachu is widely known as the most recognisable face of Pokémon and is highly sought after by collectors. It has an especially rare version of its card, produced in the original Shadowless Base Set, which is highly valued.

In Closing

Just because most of these trading cards are common and simple, you should ignore them. Whether due to limited printing or being one of the original runs released in 1996, you can still find value in these common collectibles today. You just need to know what particular ones to find.

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