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6 Top Tips To Keep Your Trading Cards In Mint Condition

Do you love TCG (trading card games)? If so, then it is time for you to take your card game to a whole new level! We know that you are well aware of the problems that moisture and dust can do to your beloved cards. Over time, they degrade, along with their value, and you wish you knew how to keep them in pristine condition.

But of course, since you're here, you're well on your way to keeping your trading cards in the best condition ever! Let us share with you the top tips to keep your trading cards in mint condition for the long run:

1. Use Penny Sleeves

Penny sleeves are so protective. They are a must-have when handling your cards. You can get them at your nearest card shop or online. That being said, when you store your cards in your sleeve, you ensure that your card stays in mint condition for as long as possible!

2. Use Card Binders

These come in different colours, materials, and designs. You can get the basic kind that is made of plastic or something more sleek and stylish if you want to. Whatever you choose, you can be sure your cards will stay safe for the rest of their lives.

3. Avoid Storing in Plastic Bags

Plastic bags may offer protection from water and dust, but they can also cause damage. Like when you're trying to open it, the cards can potentially be ripped or just damaged in the process. The point here is to avoid storing your cards in plastic bags.

4. Preserve The Cards in A Case

If all of your cards are in one case, then it's even easier to ensure they all stay in mint condition. You can put your case in a safe and secure place to ensure that it remains so. Generally, some of the cards you buy already come in cases. Keeping them there can be a cheap alternative way to preserve them, but of course, you can buy a proper box just for this purpose

5. Avoid Rough Handling

When transporting them, try not to put heavy things on top of them. This could cause damage to the backside of the cards, which could spoil their looks. Also, when holding them as such, do so with care. The last thing you want to do is bend or damage them, destroying their value.

6. Check The Cards Regularly

Once you've stored your cards, it's important that you check them regularly to ensure they're still in mint condition. If you notice that they are damaged, then you can quickly hunt down why they're damaged and replace them if need be.


So there you have it, the best tips to keep your trading cards in mint condition. Hopefully, this article helped you learn something new and helps you store your beloved trading cards in pristine condition for as long as possible! That said, be sure to apply them rigorously and share these tips with your friends if they too love trading cards. That way, you and everyone can enjoy their cards in mint condition.

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