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Gotta Price Them All: The Main Value of 1995 Pokemon Cards

Pokémon is a video game that was originally released in Japan. It later became a trading card game that was released in the United States in 1999. Today, the trading cards are very popular and are considered to be some of the best non-sports collectibles in the market.

The original 151 Pokémon are split into three types of cards: common, uncommon, and rare. If you want a complete set, you'll need to find all the variations, including shadowless and first edition cards.

That said, if you want to know the main value of cards that were released since their eventual rise in Japan in 95', look no further than our tips below.

1. First Edition Holographic Alakazam

The estimated PSA 10 gem mint value is $2,800.

Alakazam is a Psychic-type Pokémon that evolves from Kadabra. It has a very powerful brain, which gives it psychic powers. These powers can cause headaches for people who are nearby. Alakazam is the final form of Abra.

2. Southern Islands Reverse Holo Mew

This can sell with a value of $200.

The Southern Islands cards were released in special tins that included three booster packs and one of nine possible promo cards. The cards themselves featured various Pokemon from the second movie, including Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, and Entei. Many of the cards were powerful and rare, making them highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

The Southern Islands Mew card is the most valuable card in the set, selling for around $200. This is because the card has a rare reverse foil treatment, which makes it more valuable than the others.

3. First Edition Holographic Nidoking

The estimated PSA 10 gem mint value is $1,500.

Nidoking is a large Pokemon with sharp teeth, pointy ears, and a plated underside. Its most notable feature is the venomous horn on its forehead. It also has a long, powerful tail that it uses to smash its enemies or create the spacing it needs to charge.

Even high-grade specimens of this card can sell for around $1,500 or more.

4. First Edition Holographic Ninetales

The estimated PSA 10 gem mint value is $3,000.

The name "Ninetales" comes from the fact that this Pokemon has nine tails. Each of its tails is said to be able to inflict a 1,000-year curse, giving it a reputation for being extremely vengeful.

Ninetales was inspired by Japanese folklore with nine tails that are said to have mysterious powers. It is also said to be able to control minds with its red eyes.

5. Pokemon Snap Trainer Magazine Pikachu

This can sell with a value of $900.

In Pokemon Snap, you play as a young photographer who is tasked with taking pictures of different Pokemon in their natural habitats. As you travel through different levels, you must snap photos of the Pokemon you encounter and try to get the best possible picture. At the end of each level, your photos are judged, and you are given a score. The better the photo, the higher the score.

Several cards were given out in Japan's Pokemon Trainer Magazine to help increase hype for the new game among fans.

One such example is the Pikachu card that was only available in this magazine. The card is valuable because it is rare and in perfect condition.


The main value of Pokemon cards lies in their collectability. While some cards may be more valuable than others due to their rarity, all 1995 Pokemon cards are considered valuable by collectors. For those looking to invest in Pokemon cards, 1995 cards are a good option due to their undeniable worth today.

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